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Apr 20, 2010 4:25am EDT
investigating a deadly accident. the driver of a toyota was killed when a van crashed into it in the 3600 block of alabama avenue in southeast. a passenger who is a child is said to be in critical condition. the driver was freed after the collision sparked a small fire. >>> the mystery deepens as police try to figure out what happened inside d.c. principal's home. five days have passed sin the murder of brian betts in his silver spring home. police say the murder likely happened after 11:30 wednesday night and 7:00 in the morning on thursday. >>> flights are beginning to resume out of northern europe this morning. test flights show the concentration of ash in the air is fading. some planes have been taking off from paris, madrid and frankfurt. a new ash cloud spreading from the volcano in iceland is dashing homes of the air space completely reopening over the uk. >>> in sports, the capitals blasted the montreal canadiens 5-1 to take a 2-1 lead in their eastern conference series. >>> hundreds of gun rights activists rallied on both sides of the potomac river over your right to bear ar
Apr 6, 2010 4:25am EDT
to persuade russia to agree to mutual cuts. >>> toyota says it hasn't been notified yesterday yetunde but it knows the government is proposing a record $16.4 million in fines for failing to quickly alert regulators about safety problems. the automaker says it has taken a number of steps to improve communications with regulators an customers on safety issues. >> donovan mcnabb will be introduced to the tease area today. this is mcnabb leaving dulles airport. paul wagner has a report on this trade. a good deal for both side. >> can i stop you for a minute. what do you tnk of the mcnabb trade? >> i think it might have been time for him to go. >> i have the same opinion she does. i was ready for him to go. i think the last couple of years, he hasn't shown what he needs to do togo to the next level. >> i'm pretty surprised they would trade within the division. i think it is time for a new era in the phillies. he did a good job for us. >> we did manage to find one philly fan who thought the redskins made a smarter move. >> that's tough. i was a big mcnabb fan. i think he makes washi
Apr 19, 2010 4:25am EDT
at least $200 million per day. >>> toyota is apparently going to pay up rather than fight. an official in the transportation department says toyota is expected to agree to pay a record $16.4 million over those detective gas pedals rather than go to court. toyota waited four months to tell federal officials about the problem. >>> the next time you need medical help, the answer might just be in the palm of your hand. a new iphone app may be just what the doctor ordered. it is auld i triage and gives users medical information in an instant. >> reporter: when a patient has a condition, dr. brian bob has years of medical training and prime and urgent care experience to guide him to what the problem is and how to fix it. >> reporter: there is i triage. >> it is a tool we want to show our patients how to use so they can know when and where they need to go. >> reporter: whether it be a pharmacy, primary care physician, where to go started with the patient's problem. >> you could say look up your symptoms. say you're having abdominal pain. you might have appendicitis. >> they are sayin
Apr 15, 2010 4:25am EDT
federal investigators are not able to go inside. >>> there is more reaction from toyota following a warning to consumers not to buy one of its popular suvs. coming up next, we'll tell you what the troubled automaker is doing now. a new push to charge one airline from charging you for those carry-ons. you're watching fox 5 morning news. we'll be back after the break.  >>> as toyota's troubles mount, the company says it plans to test the safety of all of its sports utility models. this comes as consumer reports warns the 2010 lexus has possible rollover troubles. toyota hasn't decided yet if it will recall the gs 460 but it has temporarily stopped selling it in north america. >>> there is a new push from capitol hill to ground spirit airlines' plan to make you pay for carry-s on. senators introduceed a bill that would charge the you're line if they charge you. we have a report. >> reporter: many airlines now charge to check baggage but a plan to charge for carry-ons may have gone too far. spirit airlines sparking a spirited debate after its announcement it would charge passengers $45
Apr 29, 2010 4:25am EDT
124. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. >>> more trouble for toyota. the automaker is recalling 50,000 suvs. only the 2003 models are affected. toyota says there may be a problem with the electronic stability control system that helps maintain traction when you turn. >>> republicans end their filibuster of the financial reform bill after blocking debate on the financial overhaul bill three times this week. all republicans agreed to move ahead with the biggest reform of wall street since the great depression. democrats still need 60 votes to overcome other procedures in the senate. they will need at least one republican to do that. >>> using wind to go green in massachusetts. the obama administering has given the green light to the nation's first offshore wind farm off the coast of cape cod that. project will bring green jobs and renewable energy to the air. >> i am convinced that there is a path we can take forward that both honors our responsibility to protect the historic and cultural resources of nantucket sound and at the same time meets the needs to r
Apr 14, 2010 4:25am EDT
back. there is more bad news for toyota. its upscale lexus suv was hit with a safety rating so bat that consumers being told not to buy it. it was given a don't buy rating from consumer reports. this is the first time in nine years the group has issued that warning. lexus has stopped selling the vehicle t says engineers conducted similar tests and didn't find that problem. it also says the lexus gs 460 meets or exceeds all of the federal government's testing. stay with us. in our 9:00 hour, a representative from toyota will join us live hoping to give us more insight into the latest development. we'll ask her about it. >>> president barack obama will travel to poland today this weekend to attend the state funeral for the polish president. the president and his wife died in a plane crash on saturday along with 94 other people. the victims included 18 lawmakers. yesterday, dignitaries attended a mass to honor those who died. >>> first lady michelle obama made an unannounced visit to earthquake ravaged haiti. she and jill biden took a helicopter tour of the area of port-au-prince. the
Apr 7, 2010 4:25am EDT
doesn't apply to small bags, purses and laptops that might fit under your seat. >>> toyota is extending its incentive deal through april. look for lease discounts on eight models including the camry, the corolla and the rav 4. toyota is also offering zero financing and there is a free maintenance program. >>> for fans of ben's chili bowl, can you feast on some of your favorites at the potomac nationals game. they will be serving up half smoked burgers and chili. >>> too much extra weight around the waistline has landed a maryland town back in the news. fox 5's beth parker visited the people of hagerstown to get their take. >> reporter: welcome to hagerstown where the gym is right near the super buffet. is that tempting in. >> no. >> report: that is because 6 #-year-old march union watches what she seats an exercises. her husband got her started and just the other day. >> he said honey you're look good. he said you'll be out here look for another man. i said i don't think so. >> reporter: if shdid look, what would she find? this is the list of the most obese places in the country and the
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7